“Apples In Eden” is SeeS first single in 2016!! A provocative view of music and politics! There is a clear message in this song, one which was in no way diluted or watered down, but in fact put in the spotlight. Also produced by SeeS you can really begin to hear that signature sound people have begun to expect from SeeS. – CT Corporate Takeover

Listen to the record below, please share it if you like it, comment, reach out to SeeS personally. Its important those who are feeling this record get involved. Lets make this record the biggest one yet from CT Corporate Takeover!!


Special thanks to Hot 93.7 (WZMX), Jammin 107.7 (WWRX), and 94.9 (KMXZ) for playing “Apples In Eden” On Air!!!

HOT 97

Hot97 Apples In Eden
The video is meant to take his fans through a journey inside of themselves to address lies and deceptions “they” want you to believe.


Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 6.45.31 PM

DopeHouse newcomer SeeS delivers a wake-up call to the sheeple of the world who are unaware of the larger agenda at play, including the media’s toying with politricks, as well as the government’s invasive encroachment of civil privacy on “Apples In Eden.” – 2DOPEBOYZ


DonDiva - Apples In Eden


Connecticut rhyme slinger SeeS has released the visual for his song “Apples In Eden.” The Video may very will be the independent music video of the year. It is cinematic, thought provoking and intense. – DONDIVMAG

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 6.06.31 PM

The Rap Renegade is a multi-dimensional artist who has music running through his veins. The rhyme slinger immerses himself in his music and uses his gift to entertain and inform. Hence, he raps with purpose and conviction. The song “Apples In Eden” is SeeS first single in 2016! – (Click To View) (Click To View)

SeeS Take

My latest song “Apples In Eden” speaks about so many current issues, yet I feel SOO far from making a difference when drowned out by SOO many people rapping about violence, money and sex. Lets take a look at the issues I rap about in this song:

1) The Case with Apple Phones against the Gov unlocking the Iphone without user consent.
“I think it’s time someone acknowledged we lost our mind, they watching my phone”

2) The recent revelations by Samsung about Smart TV’s technology and Privacy  issues.
“My phone is my watch and my TV watch my home when I’m gone. What about Privacy?”

3) The bias we see in mainstream media in America. The propaganda they push, especially when it comes to dividing people and baiting a race war in this country.
“Think you better check your source someone lied to me, and the news ain’t true if they bias, lie to us, try to divide us, and push an agenda. For Profit, for Propaganda.”

4) The inability many in the status quo have with acknowledging the injustice this country was built on; and at who’s expense their ancestors acquired wealth and power.
“From our forefathers, must take back our freedom, from which they did not know the meaning, but in school they told me pretend it’s, such a proud history, but their story, her story, isn’t the same as me”

5) How obvious ingrained and institutionalized discrimination is in America, yet many people ignore it and act color blind to the facts.
“Isn’t it plain to see? For how much has changed, so much is the same it seems”

“Half of the fan’s hoping you break, while half of the critics hate, half of them couldn’t relate to an artist’s perspective, all they see is if the markets effective, for women it’s often over suggestive, for men its often money, violence and sex”


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