REP CT (CONNECTICUT) is a movement put together by Artist/Producer/DJ SeeS and his Independent Label CT Corporate Takeover and will be promoted through his blog CTHIPHOPBLOG.COM! Contact SeeS on to join the movement!
WHAT IS the REP CT Movement and WHY am I doing it?
I am a Rapper, Producer, DJ, and own and operate one of the largest blogs in Connecticut! I wanted to combine all these things and hear local artists REP CT! So I made this beat (Producer), then I scratched my voice on the intro(DJ), then I recorded my verse(Rapper). I am also sending the beat out to anybody who hits me up and shows support and look forward to hearing how other artists REP CT!
Join the movement today! How do you REP CT?

Check out the SeeS Video and Track that started it all! 

S/O to Rock aka High Priest, co-founder of CT Corporate Takeover. You already know how we #REPCT!

Check out all the other dope CT artist that joined the REP CT Movement!!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. jae picaso says:

    how do i get the beat


    1. SeeS Music says:

      reach out to me on facebook at, thanks for the support! – SeeS


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