SeeS Top 5 Cyphers 2015

CTHipHopBlog Presents SeeS Top 5 Cyphers of 2015!

Countdown the best 5 SeeS Cypher verses with these highlight clips and be sure to watch the full cypher videos @!

Click any of the images below to link to that full cypher!! Thanks for the support! – CT Corporate Takeover

5: Warehouse Wordplay

SeeS Music, Top 5 Cyphers, Warehouse
4: The Cage Cypher

The Cage Cypher Snapshot
3: No Gimmick Part one

No Gimmick Cipher
2: GrindMode: New York

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 6.55.54 PM

1: FNX Cypher

FNX Cypher SeeS

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