YOU DON’T OWN ME…I’ll Always Be Free! Check out my latest music video, directed and edited by Tyme Floc. I produced, wrote, and performed the song. Show your support and leave a comment and share with your friends. This music industry owns a lot of artists, I AM NOT ONE OF THEM!


SeeS x FNX bring you the latest collaboration featuring Apathy. “Sinners” is a insightful, lyrically driven track, which dives into the struggle between good and evil within us all. Produced by Apathy. Video Directed and Edited by Tyme Floc. Artwork by Chosen Media.


“Apples In Eden” is SeeS first single in 2016!! A provocative view of music and politics! There is a clear message in this song, one which was in no way diluted or watered down, but in fact put in the spotlight. Also produced by SeeS you can really begin to hear that signature sound people…

SeeS Goes Acapella For FNX Cypher

FNX CYPHER Major shout out to FNX for including me on this Cypher! Real recognize real! I appreciate when someone I respect as an Emcee reaches out to me and was honored to be a part of this cypher! Be sure to check out FNXMusic.com after you watch this crazy acapella cypher! BARS ON DECK!

SeeS Performs @ Toads Place for Chris Webby Black Friday Concert

Toads Place was epic! I would like to thank the crowd for rocking with me and showing me love!  There is truly no place like home! Be sure to check out the video recap below, the night was crazy!! #CTCorporateTakeover #SeeSMusic #ToadsPlace   Here is the video on Youtube!      

SeeS Music Presents “United State Of Mind”

United State Of Mind is a political track that personifies the Government in an attempt to expose the double standard that exists when it comes to privacy and our rights as citizens. The video brings to light many things that the NSA is doing that I personally do not agree with and I wrote this…

SeeS Music Presents “I Dont Care” Official Music Video

SeeS Music Presents Music Video For “I Dont Care”! SeeS Music presents the official music video for “I Dont Care”! I would like to thank all the fans who got behind this record, with 150K+ views it is clear this record really resonated with the fans and that is a great feeling! Please check out…