The 90s In 9 Min

I fell in love with Hip Hop in the 90s. Two decades later I’m writing to the beat each year I feel most influenced me. Welcome to the 90’s in 9 min. #CTCorporateTakeover

SeeS Featured On The Cage Cypher @ Toads Place

I would like to thank Most Rhymes Delivered for including me on this cypher at the legendary Toads Place! It’s always dope rocking a crowd of that size! I have to shout out FNX, EB, Johnny Haze, Big Jewelz and of course MRD for killing this cypher, it was a pleasure to rock the stage…

SeeS Goes Acapella For FNX Cypher

FNX CYPHER Major shout out to FNX for including me on this Cypher! Real recognize real! I appreciate when someone I respect as an Emcee reaches out to me and was honored to be a part of this cypher! Be sure to check out after you watch this crazy acapella cypher! BARS ON DECK!

SeeS Featured On The Cage Cypher

The Cage Cypher Shout Out MRD and The Cage Cypher for including me, alongside other dope CT artists, in this Cage Cypher! Thanks to all the people showing support, 2016 is going to be a major year for me, and the cyphers continue! Be sure to check out the entire cypher below…..

5 Ways To Support SeeS Music RIGHT NOW!

For Those Who Wish To Support SeeS… Some of you reading this might not have any intention of supporting me, that is your choice… but I also know a lot of you reading this really want to support me and might not know how, or think you have done everything you can and would love…

SeeS is Interviewed on “Home-Grown” with Johnny Haze

SeeS Music Interviewed on “Home-Grown” with Johnny Haze! I would like to give a major shout out to Johnny Haze and his team for inviting me to be a part of “Home-Grown”! I truly respect and support anyone in CT providing a platform for unsigned and underground artists and was honored to be a part…

SeeS Performs @ Toads Place for Chris Webby Black Friday Concert

Toads Place was epic! I would like to thank the crowd for rocking with me and showing me love!  There is truly no place like home! Be sure to check out the video recap below, the night was crazy!! #CTCorporateTakeover #SeeSMusic #ToadsPlace   Here is the video on Youtube!      

SeeS is featured on GRIND MODE Cypher

SeeS is featured on GRIND MODE Cypher! MAJOR SHOUT OUT TO LINGO AND GRIND MODE! This movement continues to grow and showcase some of the illest CT’s in the country. I am honored to be a part of this cypher with so many dope Emcees. Be sure to check out the Youtube page for more Grind…

SeeS Music Presents – Never Let Em Down

SeeS Music Presents “Never Let Em Down”! I would like to thank my fans, supporters and “Allies” for Never Letting Me Down! This record has been one of my biggest records to date. Featured on over 50 blogs, 10+ College Radio Stations, and more!! Thanks to everyone showing support for this record! It is really…

SeeS Killing The NGMC “Cipher”

Artists featured on this cipher: SeeS, Carlito, Lady B, T Relly & C Dubb Major shout out to No Gimmick Music Coalition for putting this “cipher” together and reaching out to me to be a part of it. Everybody really represented well and it was an honor to be featured with these artist on this Cipher….

SeeS “Dont Temp Me” Official Music Video

SeeS Music Presents “Dont Temp Me”! I would like to personally thank everyone who has shown support to me during this critical time in my career. The momentum is building and the buzz is growing and I appreciate everyones help! Here is my latest video “Dont Temp Me”, which I wrote, directed, edited, and produced! Please leave…