5 Ways To Support SeeS Music RIGHT NOW!

SeeS Crowd Shot

For Those Who Wish To Support SeeS…

Some of you reading this might not have any intention of supporting me, that is your choice… but I also know a lot of you reading this really want to support me and might not know how, or think you have done everything you can and would love to know what else you could do to help!!

Below I have outlined the major things you can do to support me that literally only take a few minutes of your time. Commenting, sharing, and hitting “like” are some of the obvious ways to support; here is a full list if you truly want to support!

1. ReverbNation! Become a fan, share this page, leave a comment and SUBSCRIBE to my ReverbNation Mailing List to get updates and emails about upcoming shows,  music, and free downloads!! If you are an artist with a Reverberation page I will be happy to support you back!

2. YouTube! Make sure you SUBSCRIBE to my youtube page. Comments on the videos are greatly appreciated and by far are the best way to encourage more people to comment and interact!! If you are an artists with a youtube page I will be happy to support you back!

3. SoundCloud! Did you know you can download most of my music for FREE!! Check out my profile on SoundCloud and be sure to follow me! Let your voice be heard and leave a comment.

4. Facebook! Did you know you can still connect with my personal page on Facebook! Hit me up on my personal page for the best way to communicate with me. I am happy to support those who support me and the best way to be on my radar is to add me as a friend on Facebook! www.facebook.com/sees09
Also Like my SeeS Music Facebook Page www.facebook.com/seeshiphop

5. Follow me on Social Media and SUBSCRIBE to CTHipHopBlog.com! I follow back anybody who is active on my social media. If you reach out to me, I will be happy to show you the same support!!SeeS Music Social Media

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