SeeS Lands Song On Major Producer Project “Gone But Not”

Remember…The Sun Comes Back Again

Writing this song gave me goosebumps. Recording this song was such a blessing it was emotional. I poured my heart and soul into this record and this opportunity represents to me 10+ years of hard work. I feel beyond honored to make it on a project with Rockie Fresh, Saba, Towkio, Joey Purp and other notable artists.

How this song came to be…

I met the producer a little over a year ago in Chicago in one of the nicest studios I had ever walked into. He was working on a project for Chance The Rapper and took a few minutes to introduce himself. He was generous enough to listen to my music and give me some feedback. With my heart racing I left anxious to tweak a few songs with the knowledge he dropped on me. I was then fortunate enough a few months later to have another meeting arranged in which we spoke about music for several hours. On my last trip to Chicago over some pizza I mentioned how instrumental he had been in my growth as an artist and how much it would mean if I could write to one of his beats, even if never recorded. A few minutes later I was freestyling in the studio when he and IRA decided to put me in the booth. Unprepared, I asked for a few days to write something. That night I left with this beat. A few days later I recorded this with them and I still cannot believe it made it on the project “Gone But Not”…

13686763_10154304839292192_8055625529818831823_n“Gone But Not // Duality // Progression” is where two seemingly different worlds meet, where classical jazz is deconstructed and reconstructed into the current sound of the streets. By merging the old with the new, we are redefining what it means to be relevant in this three part musical project. – Gone But Not

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