RAP AND SMOKE CYPHER – Produced and Edited by SeeS

Rap And Smoke SeeS

What is Rap And Smoke?

Rap and Smoke is a cypher that is brought to you by CTHipHopBlog and CT Corporate Takeover in collaboration with BST Records. Both cyphers are produced by SeeS and the video editing is done by SeeS as well, shot by Vertygo. Jynx and I hand selected artists to be featured!! ScArZ, FNX, Josh Blin, D-22, Karma, SeeS, HighPriest, Trey Tuck, Jynx, Johnny Haze!

Why these artists?
These artists where hand selected for various reasons beyond the obvious, being that they are all amazingly talented Emcees! Beyond their lyricism and creativity all these artists recognize and support other artists, understand the value of networking and are committed to their craft. In the music business its important to have something to bring to the table, every artist on this cypher does that. I create opportunities like this to find the best of the best both on and off the mic. You will be amazed at the level of talent in CT and on this cypher!!

Why a cypher?
A cypher allows artists to escape the “commercial box” and really display their lyrical ability. It also promotes unity among rappers and a healthy competitive desire to out rhyme artists you respect.


Rock and Smoke

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